Editing Services

Editing that works for you

Strong editorial skills, strategic thinking, and sound judgment make me an effective editor. If you’re not sure what type of editing your document or manuscript needs, here’s a guide.

Substantive and developmental editing
If you are in the idea stage or have a draft of your manuscript ready and know where you want to go but not how to get there, I have the experience and judgment to help you. Substantive and developmental editing can involve

  • Doing a big picture analysis.
  • Helping you determine your main message, purpose, and resources.
  • Re-organizing your material for greater impact and a stronger focus.
  • Identifying where you have too much or too little material and how to be more relevant.

Stylistic and copy editing
If you want to improve the impact of your manuscript or document or polish the text, I’ll do a line-by-line edit, which can involve

  • Clarifying meaning by rearranging and rewording awkward phrases and sentences.
  • Eliminating jargon and translating “insider” terms into plain language.
  • Ensuring consistency.
  • Correcting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage.

If you want that final quality check before your project is printed or published, I’ll proofread it, which involves

  • Ensuring that the illustrations are in the right place with the right caption.
  • Correcting inconsistencies in the text and layout.
  • Catching text errors that escaped detection.

Consultation and project management
Oversight of details and deadlines to keep your project on track.

Manuscript evaluation
If you’re written out, perhaps you need a manuscript evaluation. It’s objective feedback in a written report that identifies your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and offers practical suggestions for revisions.